Training Development

The NMHSPF has recently been relaunched using a Tableau web platform. The Tableau system is a more intuitive interface than the Excel version and easier to use.  As a result of this innovation, a different approach to training, which is likely to make greater use of online training methodologies, is being developed.

The Commonwealth Department of Health is committed to developing the training in consultation with the NMHSPF Steering Group, University of Queensland, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the NMHSPF Super User Network. This will ensure the training is tailored to the Tableau system and meets user requirements.

We acknowledge the need to make the NMHSPF training available to new users in PHNs and LHNs to enable them to gain access to the NMHSPF in order to develop local and regional mental health service plans. We anticipate that the revised training will be available from around July 2019. We will update this website to enable access to the training when it becomes available.

Inquiries can be directed to